Roofs and Facades Nano Sealing

An innovative water-based Nanotechnology Penetrating Sealer designed for the protection of roof tiles, bricks, facades and all porous surfaces, with an Eco-Friendly composition without silicone, resins and solvents.

GO Nano Sealer penetrates underneath the surfaces protecting it from the inside. It’s not a coating and will not change the natural aspect, no film is created over the substrate keeping it breathable to allow for water vapors to escape the substrate and providing a crack and scratch free protection.
Perfect to protect against pollution, stains, mild acids, oil and grease. Additionally, gives UV protection retarding aging of treated surfaces.

Perfect do Seal and Protect
- Roof Tiles
- Bricks
- Facades
- Natural Stone
- Limestone
- Concrete
- Masonry Surfaces
- Ceramic Tile
- Slate
- Grout
- All kind of Low Porous Surfaces

Key Features
- VOC Compliant
- Solvent Free
- 95% Bio Degradable
- Ready and Easy-to-use
- Interior and Exterior
- Superior Stain Protection
- High Yield
- No Yellowing
- Low Odor
- Smoke and Fumes Free
- No flammable

1.32 gallons (5 liters)
5.28 gallons (20 liters)

Nano-structured additives in water based solution.

Up to 1,200 square feet per gallon

Shake well before using.
Always make a test in a small area.

1   Clean the surface to be treated with the descale product BIO EASY CLEAN® from Nano4You. Allow surface to dry.

2   After the surface dries, apply GO NANO SEALANT until it saturates the surface and stops absorption. FOR VERY POROUS SURFACES: Once saturated wait 5 to10 minutes and apply again to make sure surface is not absorbing more product.

3   The surface will be protected after the product dries in approximately 2 hours. Allow surface to cure for 3-5 days for maximum effectivity.

4   After 2 hours you can make a quick test with water to check if it is not absorving and no area is missing.

Avoid corrosive substances like muriatic
acid or chlorine during pre-cleaning.
The protection can last up 2 years if the cleaning and
manutainance is done with proper products. Corrosive alkaline
acids will damage the protection and the surface.

Protects from rain and liquids 24 hours after application.

24 months from date of manufacturing date.

Do not ingest or inhale this product.
Avoid contact with skin or eye area.
If product does come into contact with skin or eyes, immediately flush affected area with area
With water for at 15 minutes. In case of ingestion, contact Poison Control immediately at (800) 222-1222.
Do not reuse empty bottle

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